Why join

British citizens living in the EU and EU 27 citizens living in the UK are at risk of losing the rights they currently enjoy as EU citizens.

A Fair Deal for Expats was formed to take legal action and to lobby to ensure that those rights are protected.

There are no guarantees about the future.  None at all.  But we do have a choice; we can sit back, wait and hope for the best, or we can stand up now and take action.

It may be true that nothing will change immediately but once the process of exiting the EU has begun, time will go very quickly and along with it the rights we have enjoyed and taken for granted: the right to work, the right to access health care, the right to start a business, and the right to travel freely.

Depending on your particular situation, whether you are a British pensioner or working or own a business, the loss of EU rights will affect you differently. Fair Deal for Expats has set up a registration system that collects these details and allows our legal team to argue for the rights that impact you directly.

Fair Deal for Expats is working to influence the process and ensure that the rights of expats are protected.

In order for our legal team to do its work and argue for your rights, your support is essential.

As individuals we are powerless but together we can be formidable.