Fair Deal for Expats

Fair Deal For Expats is an association that has been established in the wake of the UK referendum in connection with membership of the EU.

We are already challenging, on behalf of expats, the Prime Ministers right to invoke Article 50. We are now challenging Juncker's edict "No notification, no negotiation", so that the UK is able to negotiate with the EU, member states of the EU and other countries to ascertain what terms might be agreed.  

Then our elected representatives will be able to have a properly informed debate in Parliament to decide the UK's fate in the EU. This will be correct democratic process.

Then, if appropriate, Fair Deal for Expats will give you a place at the negotiating table to ensure that expat rights are upheld.

In summary

The referendum result is indicative of the fact that there was marginal support for the UK exiting the EU; but
About 65% of UK citizens did not vote for Brexit; and
Almost as many voted to remain as voted to leave;
Parliament, not the Prime Minister*, must decide, as our democratically elected representatives what is best for the UK;
To be able to do this we need to be able to establish what the most favourable result for the UK will be in negotiations with the EU**;
If the best deal that can be negotiated is BAD for the UK the vote by MPs could democratically, and not by some public schoolboy debate, decide to exit the EU; however
If a deal can be done that is GOOD for the UK (and the EU itself is likely to reform) it may be that (even Brexit supporters) may vote to remain in the EU;
It must be a properly informed debate not a hit and miss affair;
The decision must be based on a proper democratic process after a fully informed debate;
Juncker cannot prevent negotiation**; in fact
Juncker must fall.

and if indeed the UK decides to exit the EU Expats rights must be represented at the negotiating table; both UK expats in the EU and EU expats in the UK.

The UK is now, before Article 50 is invoked, in the best negotiating position.

We cannot be forced to invoke Article 50 to save the political hides of EU leaders who may lose at the next election (nor indeed to satisfy Conservative back benchers so that Mrs May stays in power) - this is an earth shattering decision that our children, grandchildren and great grand-children will feel the consequences of - it is bigger than all or any politicians. 

Who - you must ask - would not want a united Europe.

Join the association so that together we can endeavour to ensure that our future is secure.

As individuals we are utterly powerless.  Together we are formidable.