Fair Deal for Expats was formed to take legal action and to lobby to ensure that all Expats views and concerns are heard during the Brexit process.  We succeeded.  Now we fight on as a member of British in Europe.

Depending on your particular situation, whether you are a British pensioner or working or own a business or an EU 27 citizen living in the UK, the loss of EU rights will affect you differently. Fair Deal for Expats has contracted (at a vastly reduced rate) with a technology company to use its registration system that undertakes compliance with legal and contractual formalities and collects these details and allows our legal and lobbying teams to argue for the rights that impact you directly.

Fair Deal for Expats is working to influence the process and ensure that the rights of expats are protected as far as possible.

In order for our legal and lobbying teams to do its work and argue for your rights, your support is essential. The more members we have, the better placed we will be to provide accurate information and analysis to those who will be negotiating our futures. United we can speak with one, louder, more authoritative voice.

How can you get involved?

​We ask all British citizens and all EU citizens living in the UK to support us.

We urgently need support so that we can provide accurate evidence to the court in the Judicial Review. 

We formed Fair Deal for Expats in a small village in France and are extending our reach to other villages, towns and cities.   We encourage others to do likewise.  We now extend to 19 out of the 28 EU member states.

 If you are able to contribute any expertise to Fair Deal for Europe, and use your skills to further our objectives and defend Expats’ rights, then we want to hear from you.

(Please note, that the Committee do not receive any remuneration from Fair Deal for Expats. Any donation of expertise is expected to be on a voluntary basis because you agree with our Objectives.  Please do not contact us for marketing purposes.)

Get Involved! 


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