Fair Deal for Expats is now also open to all EU citizens living in the UK - become members because YOUR rights are also affected.

Q: Are our rights in the EU not protected by international law if Britain leaves?

A: No. No rights are guaranteed. If Britain exits the EU and no agreements are made between the EU and Britain regarding expat rights, there will be none. If no agreement is made, British citizenship will be the same as citizenship of other non-EU countries. Britons will no longer be citizens of the European Union and EU citizens will no longer be living in Britain as an EU state.

Q: What do we stand to lose if there is Brexit?

A: If there is no agreement regarding expats in any negotiation between the EU and Britain, all rights associated with Britain's European citizenship could be lost. At risk are things such as health care coverage, the right to employment, the right to own a business, and even the right to remain in the EU for more than three months at a time.

Q: Why do we need to contribute money to be part of Fair Deal for Expats?

A: To have a presence at any negotiations between Britain and the EU, we need professionals working on our behalf such as legal professionals and lobbyists. We need money to pay the legal costs.

Q: Are the data we submit secure?

A: Yes. These data are protected and secure as ensured by encryption as certified by SSL certification.

Q: How will my data be used?

We will not pass your information on to any other parties for any purpose except in an anonymised, aggregate format; for example to provide evidence concerning the number of people affected by particular issues. Your consent will be sought before any of your information is released in a form which could identify you or your family; for example if a “case study” would further the objectives.

Q: What do I get for joining and contributing to Fair Deal for Expats?

A: By pooling our resources and aggregating data on Expats from across the EU, Fair Deal for Expats will seek to influence politicians, governments and negotiators. We will be able to speak, authoritatively, on the issues that affect British Expats in the EU, providing data and analysis to those who will be deciding the future courses of our lives.

In short, you challenge the decision to invoke Article 50 without reference to parliament and other possible legal challenges; you get professionals working on your behalf at the highest levels of UK and EU governments. You get updates on the progress of any negotiations. You get input to and from others in the Association. You will get a seat at the table during Brexit, allowing you to make sure governments, politicians and negotiators are aware of the issues which will affect you in a post-Brexit EU and to do our utmost to promote and protect our interests as a strong and unified group.