Following Brexit your rights in the EU are in jeopardy

UK Citizens everywhere and EU Citizens in the UK

Fair Deal Now (for Expats) is a non-profit organisation set up to protect the rights of British citizens and EU citizens in the UK if the UK leaves the European Union.  

We will represent YOU, British Citizens in the EU, in all and any discussions with other groups, associations etc who are likeminded about BREXIT.

We do not believe that YOU, British Citizens in the EU, should be used as bargaining chips, let alone as cannon fodder!

We will represent YOU, British Citizens in the EU, in negotiations to ensure that YOUR rights are protected.

​Those who have joined us and paid a modest fee, (now Euro 20 for a working couple, 15 retired and 10 student) have paid to look after YOUR rights as a British Citizens in the EU.

​The constitution provides that the Committee is not remunerated.  We have paid thousands out of our own pockets; we continue to work for all Expats.

​Do not be complacent.  Nothing is guaranteed.  Join us now!

We have members in 18 EU member states - lets make it the full 28.

The Common Platform,, comprising the largest ever number of groups/associations cooperating to protect "Expat" rights has filed an Alternative White Paper and issued a Press Release.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Fair Deal Now wins the case for the "Expat Interveners" in the historic Supreme Court

Read case Summary

​Name change - the word "expats is considered by some to have a negative connotation and we want and are fighting for a FAIR DEAL NOW!

"We are delighted that the House of Lords

has voted to amend the bill to include some

protection of the existing rights of EU citizens

in the UK.  This is a positive step in the right direction.
 "However, the amendment makes no mention of UK citizens in the EEA. We hoped to see a clear statement about confirming their existing rights as a priority in the Article 50 negotiations.  This is despite the efforts of our coalition of groups representing over 25,000 UK citizens in the EU, to give them a voice and our intense lobbying of Parliament.   
"They are also facing huge uncertainty about their futures, livelihoods and the security of their families – the same concerns facing EU and EEA citizens in the UK, whose campaign for a unilateral guarantee we fully support. 
"The majority of UK citzens in the EU are working people - many with families.  Others are poorer, vulnerable retirees who only moved to southern Europe to make small pensions stretch further.  All of these people are facing huge uncertainty - they are real people who can’t put their lives on hold while politicians try to hammer out other aspects of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. " 
"This amendment, while a positive development, could have also have gone further to end the uncertainty for EU and EEA citizens in the UK than it does.  In particular, the reference to “legal residence” could be interpreted by the Home Office in a way to limit the acquired rights of EU citizens already resident in the UK."
On behalf of:  ‘The Coalition of Citizens Groups in the EU, 12 groups which together represent more than 26,000 UK citizens’

Individually we are powerless

As a group we are formidable​​


Fair Deal Now needs to pay professionals to do the best job possible.

We ask all British Citizens in the EU to pay €20* to join (*€15 if retired and €10 if a student).  (The amount has been reduced - the video still speak of what was previously charged)

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