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Following the Brexit outcome of the referendum the government decided to use the Royal Prerogative Powers that it said it had to invoke Article 50 thereby commencing the UK’s exit from the EU over a 24 month period.  FDfE believed, as others did, that this was unlawful.  We fought an historic battle in the High Court and the Supreme Court for all expats.  We won.  The court decided that Parliament had to decide whether to exit the EU and so to invoke Article 50 – or not.  The Conservative Party effectively sidestepped the judgment by whipping MPs into voting for Brexit as did the Labour Party.  BiE managed to stoke opposition in the Lords to attempt to get the UK government to unilaterally grant rights to EU citizens living in the UK but the Commons prevailed and Article 50 was invoked without the UK government unilaterally granting rights to EU citizens living in the UK*.
The Government published its White Paper.  This was a hollow document setting out in the briefest of detail what its plans were in relation to Expat rights.  At the same time the coalition, BiE, published its Alternative White Paper setting out in minute detail what it believed ought to be addressed in relation to Expat rights.  This was sent to all relevant persons and departments in the UK government.  It was also sent to the EU and officials.  Prior to the invoking of Article M Michel Barnier met with a delegation from British in Europe.  He and his officials listened very carefully to the representation made on behalf of members of the coalition and read the AWP very carefully.  Similar approaches were made on EU27 government level by the coalition eg in Italy, Germany, Spain and France.  In consequence the EU decided on the position that it will adopt in relation to Brexit negotiations.  Thankfully it incorporates most, if not all, of the requests set out in the BiE AWP.  BiE has addressed groups within the EU parliament, UK diplomats, and government officials, given evidence before Select Committees, addressed meetings and liaised with the press.  So, BiE has managed to get the EU to support our cause and – no doubt – the Uk government will wake up at some stage and pay attention to what the real issues are as set out in the AWP.  However the repeated threat that “No deal is better than a bad deal” leaves UK expats exposed.  No deal will mean no deal!  No deal for UK expats.  Attempts are being made to agree that even if there is no deal expats rights will be guaranteed but this is far from certain to be agreed.  The fact that the UK government refused to unilaterally grant rights to EU citizens living in the UK does not assist us.

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